Transmission poles

SUS is the premiere supplier of tapered tubular steel transmission poles on the East coast. Our physical location allows for low cost transportation of our products to New England, the Mid-Atlantic, and the Midwest.


Substation structures

SUS manufactures all varieties of tapered tubular and standard shape structures. From structures as large as multi-bay A-Frames, lightning masts and backbone structures to as small as low bus supports, SUS can provide all of the steel structures you need to complete your substation.

Summit Utility Structures also manufactures other products such as H-Frame Bracing Packages, 3-Pole Dead End Bracing Assemblies, Miscellaneous Substation Framing and Bus Supports… We have the fabrication capabilities to manufacture both tapered tubular and standard shape substation structures. From CCVT stands up to 500kV multi-bay A-Frames, Summit Utility Structures can build whatever your substation engineers need.

Distribution poles

SUS can built light duty poles as small as class 5 poles in both weathering steel and galvanized finishes. Structures can be provided either with or without ground sleeves and can be pre-drilled per your specifications. Corrocote below grade protection is available upon request.

Distribution poles are usually shorter than transmission poles and are generally used to carry electricity from a substation to residential and commercial customers. Often, distribution poles will also carry communication cables for TV and phone. Our high speed plasma table and three longseam lines allow for the efficient manufacture of steel distribution poles. We can provide poles with a galvanized, weathering, dulled or painted finish, whichever fulfills your distribution needs.

Wireless poles

SUS can fabricate wireless structures up to 300′ tall utilizing multiple carriers. Our designs are all EIA/TIA compliant.


Communication poles often range up to 250 feet in height. They may be used for a cellular telephone system, a wind shear detection system or for virtually any other communication requirement. Typically, these poles must be designed to meet stringent deflection requirements. In some instances, the pole may be designed to accommodate a raise-lower system to ground level for calibration and/ or maintenance.

Davit arms

SUS can provide bolt on davit arms in both weathering steel and  galvanized finishes. We furthermore provide clamp-on davit arms that do not require the use of any modifications to the existing structures.


Summit Utility Structures manufactures both Tapered and Non-tapered Tubular Steel Davit arms for Utility Structures. Arms can be upswept gull-winged (with a radius) or straight with any rise required. Arms are provided with a galvanized finish or manufactured from weathering steel (ASTM A871). A painted coating can be provided on custom orders.

Crossarms & cross braces

Either multi-sided or formed, SUS can fulfill all of your H-Frame and 3-pole structure crossarm and cross brace needs.


Summit Utility Structures is a leading manufacturer of bolt on and clamp on Davit Arms and Cross Arms. Our bracket design allows for the addition of arms to any existing wood or steel structures. Arms are available in either a clamp-on or bolt-on configuration.

Custom engineered products

Contact our engineering team to benefit from our unique experience in designing the steel poles that meets your specific needs.